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Last night I dreamed I was hooking up with a girl

An Emma Stone look-a-like to be precise.

This was after my dream that I hooked up with this super religious guy I knew in high school.

Both took place in the uniform closet of the band room…

Any clue as to what this means?

This was his chance. It was their last night in Cancun once they stepped back on American soil, it would all be gone. The side smirks, the giggling, the light thigh grazing. He bite his lip in anticipation. Everyone else had gone out for “one more round” of margaritas, but he opted to stay behind when he heard Casey say she was going to turn in early. 

Just go in there and kiss her.

It seemed simple on paper, but his heart was pounding a million miles a minute. What if she was already asleep? Should he climb into bed with her? What if she had another guy there? These questions plagued him as he slowly made his way to the door that connected their two rooms. He thought about knocking, but thought hearing her say anything might make him lose his nerve. He twisted the handle and stepped inside to what could only be described as his dream come true.

There was a slight vibrating sound, and he could see her writhing under the sheets as soft moans escaped her lips.

"Oh Mark…Mark…"

It took her a minute to realize someone else was in the room. Quickly she gather the sheets around her and he could tell she was naked under there.

"What are you doing here?!" she scrambled to turn the vibrator off, but it fumbled in her hand. He stood there, paralyzed, with no clue what to do next.

"I-I just…" it took him another moment to realize he was Mark. She was moaning HIS name as she pleasured herself.

"I thought I could help you."even he surprised himself with that line.

"Mark I just-I" she was lost for words as well. Before he lost his nerve, Mark quickly made his way to her bed and tore off the sheets, exposing her hot, naked flesh. Before she could protest anymore his lips came crashing against hers. She gasped a little then grasped the bottom of his t-shirt, yanking it off as he bite her lip lightly. He hand found her vibrator and flipped the switch on, pressing it against her clit as his other hand massaged her breasts. She became to squirm against the vibrator, which became his cue to shut it off . He kissed her neck, sucking and licking his way down her stomach, blowing around her hips until he reached her folds, where he began to lick and kiss her juices. Her moans grew into groans as he pulled away, teasing her, blowing and sucking her thighs.

"Please…" she sighed, biting her lip.He squeezed her calves, pushing her knees further apart. He could feel himself pushing against the fabric of both his boxers and sweat pants. Her hands their way into his hair, fingers twisted and massaging his scalp. His hand reached for the vibrator again, but as he pressed it against her she protested.

"I want you inside of me." He lifted her by her hips and twisted her around so her was on her hands and knees. With a swift movement, his pants were lowered and he slowly began to push himself into her folds. Her warm, wet walls invited him deeper, and he began to slowly thrust, deeper with each stroke. His hand wrapped around her breast and his thrust picked up speed. Her juices spread all over his pelvis when her moans began to turn into screams. He felt her walls contracting against him, but her kept thrusting until he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He pulled out and let himself released all over her back as she collapsed into the sheets.


I would like to write another story, but I’m texting this kid again and I’m really trying to control my lady parts. Besides, I think it’d be a bit weird if I switch the conversation from the Beatles to eating pussy…

And if I write another story, all it’s going to do is make me horny and frustrated.


He slowly opened the door to find her sleeping soundly. Sighing lightly, he pulled off his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt. It was a miracle she was sleeping at all considering it was the middle of a hot, relentless heat wave. As his eyes adjusted to the dim settings he took more notice of her. She was sprawled out in a pair of cotton boy shorts and one of his t-shirts. The was no blanket covering her and as her chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm he notice she wasn’t wearing a bra. The clicking sound of his belt had stirred her, but not enough to actually wake her. As she tossed lightly, he noticed her smooth bronze legs bending at the knees. Another deep breath. It was so hot, almost as if the heat was composed of thick chains meant to keep him locked up. Of came his boxers. Walking over to the bed, he rested one of his hands on her leg. Kneeling on the mattress, his other hand found her other leg as he brought his lips to her calf. Leaving a trail of light kisses, he slowly made his way up to her thighs. By now she was more alert, but not completely awake.

“It’s too hot,” she protested trying to pull her legs up. That didn’t stop him as he tried to pry her legs open.

“Maybe you should take some clothes off then.”

“Seriously, it’s so hot.” 

Suddenly he drew two fist around her hips and yanked off her boy shorts.

“Is that better?” He took the underwear and used them to loosely tie her wrists to the bed post. 

“It’s still too hot,” she moaned softly.

Straddling her hips, he began to blow cool air on her neck and ears. His hands then traveling up from her hips, to her sides and then her shoulders. When they got there all that could be heard was the tearing of fabric as he ripped her shirt off.

“Better?” he asked with a smirk.

“Much.” she sighed. His fingertips then traveled down her neck, tracing over her stomach and reaching back to her breasts. His thumbs flicked over her nipples as they slowly rose to attention. Soon enough his tongue was on them as he alternated between licking and blowing. She moaned gently, struggling slightly against her restraints, her hips and legs squirming. His mouth traveling down her stomach, back down to her legs. He began to knead her thighs and calves, slowing torturing her as she grew wetter. Kissing turned to sucking as her skin began to grow purple with splotches. Her moans grew faster in pace as she squirming became more urgent. She began to twist in turn, trying to find some end to the relentless teasing. Finally his lips found her mound, licking and sucking as his hands hoisted her knees on his shoulders. As his tongue flicked over her clit, his fingers dove in greedily. The relief at finally being touched was quickly gone as she began to grind against his hand. Her wetness coated his hand and face as he dove deeper into her soft folds. Faster, harder, his tongue went, alternating between that and light sucking. Her back arched and her legs began to tense up. Suddenly she began to buck against his face. Just as her legs were about to lock around his neck, he swiftly popped up and rammed his throbbing manhood into her. She screamed in ecstasy as he began to pump fiercely into her, now feeding his own desire for her. Her wrists had grown tired from fighting her restraints but he didn’t care, as her breasts began to jerk to and fro as his thrusts grew more powerful. However without warning, she ripped through her restraints, and he was now flat on his back. He must of had a surprised look on his face as she smirked.

“Too hot?” Her hands drew lightly over his neck and chest as she straddled him. Repositioning herself over his manhood, she began to twist and grind her hips, throughly soaking his. Her fingernails dragged over his sex lines, driving him absolutely insane. Her grabbed onto her hips and began bouncing her on top of him. Her breast jumped as she threw her head back in pleasure. His hand again found his way in her as his thumb slowly massaged her clit again. For the second time her walls began to contract and her legs gave way to the waves of pleasure coursing through her, it’s only release being found in her screams. Seeing her in such a state sent him over the edge, and he finally felt himself release inside of her, leaving the only remains of their tryst dripping between them and onto the sweat stains sheets. 

*Note: I did post this story on another blog of mine so some of you MAY have seen it. I assure you, this was written by me. I may have also submitted somewhere, but again, still mine. 

This guy I use to talk to just started texting me around 11:30 and I think we all know what that means ;)

It’s like a summer tradition for us to have a mild flirtation (no sex or hooking up). But that summer I had a friends with benefits scenario with another friend, who I actually ended up catching feelings for (another story for a another night), so I kinda feel like having that again this summer. We’ll see!

On the stories front, I PROMISE I will write another one soon. I know I’m a new blog and I only have one story up, but I still feel like a slacker. But until I get inspired again (possibly tonight!) SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT!

Please, I could use some new inspiration. Until next time, happy lusting!


It was the middle of the afternoon. The sun poured in through the window when they walked into the room. My roommate was sure to be home soon, seeing as her last class ended at 5, but maybe she would go see her boyfriend. Maybe.

I shut the door behind her and twisted the bolt shut as he wandered over to her desk. It had been so long since I had been with him, or anyone for that matter, that just the thought of his hands on me drove me nearly insane with lust. He sat down in my rolling chair and wheeled over to the door where I was standing, paralyzed by the thoughts rolling through my mind.

"So you really like it here?" he asked, setting his hands on my hips.

"Yeah…" I sighed as his hands drifted to my ass, giving it a light squeeze before sliding down to my thighs. I dropped down straddling him, before clasping my hands around his neck and ramming my lips against his. It felt so good to feel his heat against me, especially between my legs where I began to grow moist. He grasped my thighs for stability as he tongue made its way into my mouth. I moved on to his jawline, his neck and ears, wanting to taste every part of him. I pulled his shirt over his head, wanting more of that heat I so desperately needed. He began sucking on my neck, leaving marks there and on the tops of my breasts. His hands continued to run up and down my legs, paying special attention to my thighs. He remembered. 

"You know, I think about that sometimes." I whispered in his ear as I nibbled a bit.

"Yeah, when?" I smirked as I shifted over to his other ear.

"When I touch myself." I felt him stiffen right under my increasingly wet underwear.

"Really? Do you want to do that now?" he swallowed a bit, grabbing my hand and leading it between my legs. I pulled from his grasp, and looked him dead in the eyes.

"No. I want to taste you first." I slid from his lap and slowly began to undo his belt buckle. My hands worked quickly as they could until they reached his manhood. He groaned as I swirled my tongue around the head, tracing my lips and sucking lightly. His hands reached my hair just as I took him into my mouth. I continued to bob along, as saliva began to seep around my mouth, onto my chin. His moans grew louder, causing me to release him and wipe my mouth on my sleeve.

"Not yet." I insisted, rubbing my hands across his thighs. He groaned. Frustrated at this abrupt ending, he pulled me up and threw me on the nearby bed. His eyes showed pure greed as he lifted the skirt of my dress and yanked off my now soaked undies.

"Do you want it?" He asked as he finished pulling off his pants and underwear. I nodded, biting my lip in anticipation. I was caught off guard when I saw his head dip between my legs. Instantly I felt his tongue slide over my slit causing me to moan out in pleasure. His lips puckered and he began to suck my clit while he slipped a finger inside. I began to squirm against his face, clenching my thighs until he had to use one arm to pry my knees open. He hooked his finger inside of me, causing my hips to buck as my moans grew louder. He left my mound and began sucking my inner thighs, leaving hickeys in the process. Suddenly, he popped up again and kissed me slowly but firmly. I could taste myself on his lips as he slowly began to trace the head of his cock over my slit. I began to squirm again, trying to feel more of him against me. But he wasn’t giving in. I grabbed his neck and pulled his forehead against mine. 

"I want you inside of me." He seemed surprised by my boldness and took a moment before forcing his way inside. Suddenly it was summer again. We were 18, I was a scared virgin. Then I realized, I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I pushed him off me, twisting him onto his back before I repositioned myself on top of him. I guided him back inside me. Lifting my dress around my hips I began riding him, grabbing onto his thighs and he scratched at mine. I began twisting my hips into figure eights, throwing my head back relishing in the feeling of him inside of my. I felt my wetness smearing around my thighs, which caused me to thrust faster. I felt my walls clench around him. My toes curled in as I left out a final scream. All that sexual frustration and angst was just released upon the world. After some time, I felt my body go limp just as he finished inside me, filling me with hot cum. I fell against his chest, which was quickly rising and falling, and sighed heavily. We laid in silence for a moment, just breathing.